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Offering dental implants is a brilliant idea!

With Planmeca’s “MIND THE GAP!” Dental Implant Starter Promotion, you’ll have everything you need to start offering implant treatment in a jiffy!

Dental Implants are the “bees knees”!

Implant treatment is ideal solution for edentulous patients and a smart business decision for a dental practice. Dental implant treatment provides:

  • Happier patients by restoring the feel and function of a natural tooth. 
  • Healthier patients by preserve bone and the integrity of surrounding teeth. 
  • Keeps revenue in the practice. 
  • Increases production in adjunct treatment fees.

Mind the Gap Promotion Details

With our Mind the Gap promotion, you’ll get $3,500 in savings and the tools and training to begin successfully placing implants!

Planmeca CBCT System*

Planmeca Romexis® Implant Module

50% Off CBCT Basics, Interpretation and Implant Planning Course

3D Diagnostix Implant Starter Kit for 5 single-site implant cases and $500 to spend on other 3DDX services

Monthly 3D Imaging Coaching Webinars

This offer not available with the Planmeca ProMax® 3D LEC.

Listen to our mate, Dr. Evans

Dr. Zach Evans, periodontist and global thought leader talks about the power and simplicity of Planmeca’s digital implant workflow.


Did you know?

500 patients

2 implants = $7,800!

# of Referrals

In an average practice with 1750 active patients, over 500 are missing at least one tooth!

By placing and restoring just 2 implants per month you would bring in $7,800!

How many implant cases have you referred out this past year?

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With Planmeca’s “MIND THE GAP!” Dental Implant Starter Promotion, you’ll have everything you need to start offering implant treatment in a jiffy!

Terms and Conditions: Offer excludes Planmeca ProMax 3D LEC. Orders must be placed by June 30 to qualify and delivery must take place by July 31. All cases must be planned in the Planmeca Romexis® software and sent through the 3DDX-Romexis bridge (unplanned cases are subject to price change). The offer only covers single implant cases. Multiple implant cases will be charged separately at regular pricing. The healing abutments price excludes implant lab-analog (Implant replica), temporary abutments, and extra components. All extra components can be purchased by the client and shipped to 3DDX or purchased by 3DDX and charged to the client. For the healing abutment, the client must have a guided surgery kit with implant placement control functionality to guarantee the best results. $500 3D Diagnostix credit cannot be used for the following; 3D Diagnostix Guided Surgery Kit, drills, sleeves and software. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and is subject to change.