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Planmeca 3D

Driving Practices Forward 


"Our practice is an advanced TMD/Facial Pain Center. We also provide comprehensive dental services which include restorative procedures, implants, and endodontic work. So, we needed a versatile system with large and small volume sizes. After a thorough reserach process, we decided to acquire the new Planmeca VisoTM G7. It offered the flexibility we required as well as advanced imaging critical for our unique needs. Two of those are the Planmeca ProFaceTM technology and Planmeca 4DTM Jaw Motion technology."

Alvaro Ordonez, D.D.S.

TMJ Treatment and Dental Implants Specialist

Dr. Maria-Isabel Atique

Atique Orthodontics

“Using CBCT technology in orthodontics is a different way to practice completely; it’s so much better and much more accurate. We now have the ability to see the joints, airways, and tooth positioning, as well as the whole cranium. We can see things that we might miss otherwise. After evaluating the patient clinically, I’m then able to show them in detail what the problems are. That’s why having the 3D image is awesome and with the Planmeca Viso™ G7 we have a nice balance of less radiation and more diagnostic quality.”

3D imaging is the most powerful diagnostic tool available to dentists, and Planmeca systems produce the best images. State-of-the-art technology is combined with superior software innovation to bring you unrivaled image quality.

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Accurate and Timely Diagnosis

Eliminate guesswork and arrive at the right diagnosis quickly, saving time, money and teeth. 

Incidental Findings

Do more dentistry by uncovering asymptomatic pathology while increasing patient care. What you find may even save a life. 

Less Referrals

3D imaging allows doctors to determine which cases they can confidently treat in-house and which to refer.

Increased Capabilities

Offer more advanced and higher value treatment services like implants, endodontics, orthodontics and sleep. 

Improve Patient Acceptance

CBCT imaging not only is easier for patients to understand compared to 2D. 

Attract New Patients

Patients want a dentist with advanced technology to feel confident they are getting the best care possible.

Some technology makes you better at what you do. Some technology makes you more profitable, and a few do both.

Planmeca 3D imaging can drive you to achieve new levels of personal and practice success.

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